Gora Corp.


US-based Gora Corp. offers a great variety of expertise and supports European clientele in almost every aspect of business development. The Gora mission is to help European firms to expand into US markets and to create business models that satisfy US business practices, requirements, and regulations.
Hence, the goal is to support the successful establishment of European companies in the US market. One of Gora Corp.'s strategies is to help find companies top performing and motivated employees. 

Founder and CEO of Gora Corp. Gerald Obritzberger brings decades of business and sales development to the table. Furthermore, his experience in Human Resources include recruiting, training, and the psychology of motivation. Before founding Gora Corp., Gerald Obritzberger emigrated from Austria to the US where he built and established a complete business team from the ground up: Sales, Marketing, Tech Support and Engineering.

Gora Corp. understands the challenges and obstacles that European firms encounter when expanding into the US market. Knowing the challenges, Gora Corp. has developed an approach that leads to success.

Furthermore, Gora Corp. has formed a partnership with Dr. Robert Lang from Austrian based "DIE Wachstumsberater". 

Together Gora Corp. and DIE Wachstumsberater have developed a program that has proven successful. Their strategies have been especially designed for expanding companies and include the following services: