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Our Expertise is Your Advantage

For decades, Zimmer America has successfully introduced numerous European companies and their products into the US Market. We work with companies in the capital equipment, renewable energy, and service industries, helping them develop and implement a winning US market entry strategy to increase sales and grow their business in North America.

For companies headquartered outside of the United States, wanting to enter the U.S. market is an important part of any business strategy. The U.S. market is large, but not homogenous, and the rewards of a successful U.S. presence can be extremely gratifying. Commercial success in the U.S. relies on three factors: a strong product, a comprehensive market entry strategy, and a strong distribution and sales network. Many companies fail in their attempt to enter the U.S. market because one or several factors were overlooked or underestimated. In most cases, these companies fail because of their lack of a clear market entry plan and lack of experience in the U.S. market.

Your Gateway to Success in the US

As a strategic operations, advisory, and US market entry consulting firm, Zimmer America helps companies:

  • Fine tune products for the US market
  • Improve competitive advantage
  • Plan market entry, product launch, sales, and customer support strategies
  • Establish and manage sales channels
  • Generate sales, manage relationships, and support marketing

Above all, we open the gateway to high sales and mutually profitable partnerships.

Four Steps to Success

Zimmer is uniquely positioned to assist companies with the four factors that determine success in the U.S. market. We develop individualized entry strategies based on proven marketing techniques and sales policies, then support those entry strategies to help companies maintain market share. Zimmer's market entry consulting services include four steps:

  • Strategic Business Assessment: Zimmer will assess a company's readiness to enter the US market.
  • Customized US Market Entry Plan: Zimmer will develop and implement product strategy for localization, pricing, discount levels, and marketing programs that maximize customer exposure, and sales channel business models that maximize revenue.
  • Build Channel Relationships: Zimmer will leverage longstanding relationships to introduce products into the market and create and foster new channel and key customer relationships.
  • Drive Revenue: Zimmer will secure key reference accounts and establish a "pipeline" and tracking systems for new sales opportunities, as well as track effectiveness of existing channels. We provide tools to assist reseller or distributor organization to close large accounts and establish strategic partnerships with other manufacturers. 

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