Textile Partners

Zimmer Austria

Zimmer Austria is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of machines for textile and carpet finishing (digital printing systems, flat screen and rotary screen printing, coating, steaming, washing, drying).  


Textile stenters for knitted and woven fabric and accessories.


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SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is a world leader in textile finishing, technical textiles and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes. The Group is a machine manufacturer and a technology partner for knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics and green solutions.
CAVITEC: Machines for coating, laminating, impregnation, and nonwoven. 

Kaelin by Zimmer Austria

Automatic continuous vacuum lint removal equipment for printing, dyeing and finishing ranges, as well as for flocking lines. With or without brushing, blowing and beating.


Technijet - RotoVac

ROTO-VAC is a newly patented technology developed to deliver cost effective removal of lint dust and debris within a wide range of continual processes. Initial demand has come from the textile printing industry, but ROTO-VAC is equally applicable to a wide range of related industries such as digital printing, bleaching, dying, special coatings and graphic arts. 

PLM Impianti

PLM Impianti has been established in 1970. It was one of the first companies to take up automation applied to fabric inspection, handling and packing and it is now a world leader in the industry. Products include: Equipment for automatic handling, winding and unwinding, inspection and measuring, packing machines.

ATR Chemicals

ATR Chemicals SA,based in Balerna Switzerland, develops and produces adhesives and cleaning agents for printing surfaces, and ink-jet printing: Permanent Adhesives, Thermosensitive Adhesives, Thermoplastic Adhesives, Levelling Resins, Sprays for Piece Printing, Detergents and Reviving Agents, Non Flammable Stripping Agent, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives.


Fimat srl manufactures machine accessories for printing and dyeing houses and is specialized in color dosing, mixing and automatic handling. Fimat's automatic dosing system (color kitchen for liquids) shows many advantages in terms of speed, weighting precision, modularity, flexibility, simplicity of use, and easy maintenance.

Klean Environmental Technology

Klean Environmental Technology manufactures machinery systems for Textile Processing Stenter Smoke Removal, or Thermal Energy Recovery from Tenter Frames. 


Jiangsu Red Flag

Jiangsu Red Flag Printing & Dyeing  is a leading manufacturer for finishing & dyeing machinery for home textiles, garment fabric, corduroy, and yarn-dyed fabrics. Jiangsu Red Flag produces washing systems to eliminate chemicals, and unfixed dyes from fabrics.