Steaming, Drying, & Washing

MODUS Loop Steamer

Manufacturer: Zimmer America



Brochure on ThermoCure Modus 

ThermoCure - Drying Steaming Curing System


The modular construction of the high efficiency and powerful hot air nozzle dryer is designed to dry any sort of printed and wet textiles, papers, nonwovens and even plastic foils. It may be installed with any kind and brand of screen printing‐, coating‐ and wet application machines.

Brochure on ThermoCure High Capacity

SuperWash.Modular Washing Concept


This modular washing machine is developed especially for integration in CHROMOJET or COLARIS digital printing systems.

It contains:

  • Modular System
  • Stable construction
  • Side and top insulation to maintain water temperature if heated
  • Outside roller bearings for easy service
  • Access openings for service and fabric feed-in
  • Suction bars and squeeze rollers can be conbined
  • Minimum distance between vacuum bars and pull rollers to avoid carpet and fabric tension
  • Integrated dancing roller for synchonization
  • Integrated pile or back beating with variable speed
  • Water heating is not part of the washing system