Single Hose Machines

IS 75S

Extremely powerful all-pneumatic single hose machine that offers 1600 kPa/230 p.s.i. in blasting pressure. Extremely robust in design, a specially coated disk-style aluminum air lock is powered by a pneumatic motor. The IS 75S also holds up to 30kg/75lbs of dry ice pellets to allow for an extended period of blasting without having to re-fill. The IS 75S is sold “Ready to-Blast.”  


    IS 135S

    An incredibly sturdy, powerful and efficient single hose blaster. Possessing similar specifications as the IS 77S, the IS 135S can hold an impressive 60kg/130 lbs. of dry ice pellets for extra long uninterrupted blasting. The IS 135S is sold "Ready-to-Blast."  




      IS 77S

      A popular and well-priced single hose dry ice blaster that offers 1600 kPa/230 p.s.i in blasting pressure, yet can perform well at lows of 80 CFM. The extremely robust stainless steel construction is suited for the demanding environment. Features: PLC control, a specially coated disk-style aluminum airlock and a built-in 1” filer regulator for the clean blasting air and infinite blasting pressure regulation. The airlock is powered by the VFD controlled 0.75 kW electric motor The IS 77S holds up to 30 kg/75 lbs of dry ice pellets. The IS 77S is sold "Ready to- Blast."