Screen Coating

Magnoroll Screen Coating System

Manufacturer: Zimmer Austria

The Zimmer multipurpose Magnoroll Coating System is effective in all 12 applications of technical textiles: Agricultural, Construction, Clothing, Medical, Furniture, Environmental, Geological, Home, Industrial, Packaging, Protech, and Sports.

The fields of application are full surface coating, dot coating, print bonding, impregnations, bonding, dyeing, and printing of aqueous, paste-type, and foamed substances.

Magnoroll machines are standard equipped with rotary screen technology and/or GMA low add-on-technology. When using the screen technology, roll rods and/or squeegee blades can be used as application devices inside the screen. GMA minimum add-on is carried out with dosing rolls of various diameter and surface structures. If required, application rolls can also be equipped with a separate drive.

The Zimmer Magnet-System (world wide patents) guarantees even applications up to 5 meter working width (200 inches) with no side to side variations. Various combination possibilities of the system allow for additional installation of a knife coating device. Magnoknife can be used as knife-over-roll or knife-on-air coating, direct or indirect or transfer roll coating.

More than 350 Zimmer Magnoroll machines are in use worldwide and the demand for this technology is growing.