Other Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

AT 160 Air Treatment Compressor

Air compressors produce hot, wet and oily air. Moisture and particles compromise cleaning effectiveness to your target surfaces. We have the solution. The all-in-one portable After-Cooler Package includes: After-Cooler 2 Water Separator and a 2 Coalescing Filter.  



ISP 100 / 150 / 200

If you do not have a source of dry ice pellets, then the ISP 100 is an excellent alternative is an ICEsonic Block to Pellet Press.  




    IS 100-B1 / 100-B2 / 200-P

    • The IS 100-B1 and 100-B2 are block dry ice makers.
    • The IS 200-P is a pellet dry ice maker.