Lint Removal

Rotovac Lint Removing System with Continuous Glue Roller Technology

Manufacturer: Technijet - RotoVac






ROTO-VAC is a newly patented technology developed to deliver cost effective removal of lint dust and debris within a wide range of continual processes. Initial demand has come from the textile printing industry, but ROTO-VAC is equally applicable to a wide range of related industries such as digital printing, bleaching, dying, special coatings and graphic arts.

The systemís oscillating cleaning head works by continually removing the lint and dust that has adhered to the adhesive roller. Debris is then carried away by the self contained control system that supplies all the services required whilst continually monitoring operating speeds and performance.

Manual and Automatic Rotary Screen, Color Pipe and Drum Washers with High Water Pressure

See ROTO-VAC in action: