Industrial Cleaning Machinery

Dry Ice Blasting Single Hose

Manufacturer: ICEsonic

In single-hose (SH) systems, there is one hose leading from the hopper to the applicator and there is a feeder system that feeds the dry ice particles and compressed air into that single hose. The dry ice particles are then accelerated by the compressed air stream through the entire length of the hose, dramatically increasing their kinetic energy and the aggressiveness of the clean.

A key advantage of SH machines is the option of using a longer hose, which allows an operator to be further from the machine with little reduction in blast aggression. Single-hose system aggression is also ideal for removing heavier build-up or for blasting at a vertical elevation where the machine is at a lower level than the blasting surface.

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Dry Ice Blasting Double Hose

Manufacturer: ICEsonic

The dual-hose (DH) technology uses the Venturi effect to accelerate the particles. In two-hose systems, compressed air is supplied to the blast applicator through one hose, while dry ice is supplied through a second hose running from the applicator to the hopper. The passage of compressed air through the applicator creates a suction on the second hose that pulls the dry ice particles from the hopper into the compressed air stream at the applicator. The dry ice particles and compressed air are then blasted together.

As the dry ice particles are only actually accelerated the length of the nozzle by the compressed air, the DH system has a relatively small kinetic effect and offers a much less aggressive clean than single hose technology.

The Mighty E is an ideal small (one man type) contractor choice; small, lightweight and relatively inexpensive, it provides enough aggression required for most of fire and mold remediation.

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Other Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Manufacturer: ICEsonic

As well as providing our customers with Single Hose Dry Ice Blasters and Dual Hose Dry Ice Blasters, we also have a line of other dry ice blasting equipment: The AT 160 Air Treatment Compressor and the ISP 100/150/200 Block to Pellet Press.  

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