Hot Melt Coating & Laminating

CAVITEC is a leader in the industrial textile industry. CAVITEC machinery combines hotmelt coating and laminating calendars. The machinery reflects the CAVITEC standard of ergonomic functionality with environmental awareness. CAVITEC manufactures the following machinery:  

Coating and Laminating 



Hotmelt adhesives commonly used in textile are one-component solvent-free thermoplastic polymers (non-reactive) or thermoset pre-polymers (reactive) heated to melting point prior to their application. Hotmelt are applied onto a substrate material such as woven, knits, nonwovens, foams, membranes, films, nets, silicon paper, etc. in hot plasticized state. This process is called coating.

Rotogravure System 


 The rotogravure system CAVIMELT is the most commonly applied method for lamination. It is a printing system with an engraved roller, in which little cavities are engraved for transfer of the adhesive to the web substrate. Different patterns are available (round dots, pyramidal, nets, lines, etc.) depending on the laminated product.

Multi-functional Coating and Laminating 


CAVI2COAT offers both the rotogravure and a number of multi-roll processes. Both engraved roller and multi-roll systems are pre-installed which allows you to switch effortlessly between dot and full surface coating. Under Rotogravure mode, the molten adhesive is put in a heated trough which is longitudinally in contact with the rotating gravure roll. In this manner, the cavities of the gravure roll are filled with adhesive. Under Multi-Roll mode, the molten adhesive lies between tow heated solid rollers.

Hotmelt Laminating Machine with Exchangeable Coating Modules

 A modular system which allows a quick change between four different systems: engraved roller, screen, slot nozzle and multi-roll. This enables a wide range of adhesive applications from dot to full service coating, using both reactive and thermoplastic adhesives.It has the first machinery which offers the possibility to operate in four different Hotmelt Coating Technologies in the same laminating plant.

Plug and Play

CAVIMELT P+P is a compact machine developed with the goals of precision, production and cost effectiveness in Hotmelt coating and lamination using an engraved roller. Integrated within the machine frame are both the un- and re-winder, accepting rolls up to 600 mm in diameter.  

 Prepreg Lines


With the high precision required by the impregnation process these systems represent engineering at the highest technical level. Carbon, glass and aramid fibers are impregnated with epoxy or phenolic resins using either solvent or hotmelt techniques. CAVIPREG can be used for the impregnation of various types of glass and carbon fiber materials, fabrics, nonwovens and papers, as intermediate products for PCBs and for structural composites for the aircraft and space industry.

Scattered Coating and Laminating 


This scattering system applies dry powders, such as thermoplastic adhesive powder, or any other flowing aggregate accurately over the full width of the product. The grift is fed either manually or with vacuum or screw feeders into a funnel shaped trough. These scatter coating units can be delivered also as complete plants. A scatter roll rotating underneath the trough is conveying the product to be scattered to an oscillating brush, where it is evenly scattered via an oscillating sieve onto the underneath moving web material.