Double Hose Machines

Model E

The award winning ICEsonic Model E is the perfect entry level dry ice blasting system. Effective for a large number of applications, the Model E offers rugged durability and plenty of pressure. Also, it is extremely light, weighing only 28kg /65 lbs providing outstanding portability and maneuverability. The Mighty E is sold “Ready-to-Blast.” 


Model IS 75

A robust yet extremely portable dual hose dry ice blaster. It offers high pressure capabilities, but easily tackles a great variety of blast cleaning projects. Weighing only 45kg/90lbs empty and very compact, it can be transported and used in most any environment, even very hostile ones. The IS 75 offers true professional power. The IS 75 holds up to 30 kg/75 lbs of dry ice pellets to allow for an extended period of blasting without having to re-fill. The IS75 is sold “Ready-to-Blast.”


Model IS 60

The ICEsonic IS60 excels in offering durability, capacity and performance. Founded on an incredibly sturdy stainless steel frame, the IS 60 withstands any environment. It is built for the long haul and will provide years of top quality service. Whether your applications require light or heavy aggressiveness, the IS60 will deliver unparalleled results. The IS60/130 is sold “Ready to-Blast.”