Digital Printing

Colaris - Latest Inkjet Printing Technology

Manufacturer: Zimmer Austria 

This innovation offers the user significant improvements in digital textile printing.

COLARIS printing technology uses fillings with 4, 6 or 8 process colors and enables printing of any design or colorway without restriction of specific continuous length with the repeating pattern.

COLARIS offers practically unlimited coloration possibilities, never-before achieved superior quality, and significantly increased production capacity compared to the current industry standard.

COLARIS-Inkjet printing technology has left its mark on the market, quickly moving from the development phase to commercial and industrial applications as a result of the highest quality standards and superior economy.

Zimmer Kufstein offers a complete package available at one place: The complete COLARIS-Inkjet printing system entry unit, printing machine, high-end dryer, reliable operation software, as well as complete application know-how.

COLARIS printing technology offers state-of-the-art process technology to textile printers.

Concrete performance data: Obtainable capacity up to 480 m/h (≈ 5150 ft/h), in other words up to around 2000 linear meters (≈ 6550 ft) in one shift.

The COLARIS technology uses electronically formed variable drops, which enable perceived printing quality with  resolution of more than 720 dpi.

The COLARIS-Inkjet printing system is available for printing widths of 180, 260 or 320 cm (≈ 70, 102, or 126 in).

In the design planning phase, the main focus has been simplicity in operation. The operation panel used for setting-up the printer and entering start-stop as well as performance instructions is conveniently arranged at the machine site. The multilingual user interface reduces the training expenditure and simplifies the control of processes.

Depending on customer needs, COLARIS-Inkjet printing system can be equipped with 4, 6 or 8 process colors. Eight process colors enable optimal display of the wide color gamut for brilliant, high-quality prints.

Water based COLARIS inks meet all quality requirements for the COLARIS-Inkjet technology and are certified as per Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Types of Colaris:

ChromoJet - Terry Printing

Manufacturer: Zimmer Austria

ChromoJet-TP is the only digital printing system especially developed for terry products. The jets are injecting the dye deep into the terry fabric, so any desired penetration can be achieved. ChromoJet is a well-proven technology now adapted to print on terry products. ChromoJet works with all dyestuff groups (Reactive, Acid; Disperse; etc).

The modular concept makes it possible to extend number of colors and jets from 8 color, 64 jets to 16 colors 256 jets at any time.

Printer type: Digital jet printer with high speed valves

  • Fabric thickness: 2 20 mm (≈ 0.08 - 0.8 in)
  • Fabric weight: 200 600 g/m (≈ 18.6 - 55.8 g/ft)
  • Processing: Roll to roll
  • Maximum fabric width: 2.2 m (≈ 7.2 ft)
  • Number of colors: 8, 12 or 16
  • Jets per color: 64; 128 or 256
  • Resolution: 72 dpi and 50 dpi
  • Print speed: 30, 60 or 120 m per hour (≈ 323, 646, or 1292 ft) (depending on number of jets per color and resolution)


  • The ChromoJet.TableTOP Printer is perfect to develop new applications, processes and recipes in the field of CHROMOJET pile product printing and digital functionalisation using valve jet technology
  • Results can be transferred to the CHROMOJET production printer
  • Small removable medium tanks provide quick and easy change of fluids and dyes.
  • Designs and patterns can be uploaded from a normal PC.
  • Resolution, rasterization, pressure, head-speed, nozzle size, viscosity: These are the paraments to control penetration, pick up and definition. 
  • Needs very little space on a table.