Zimmer America Corporation

Zimmer America Corporation is a full-service machinery and equipment company specializing in textile and carpet printing and finishing machinery.

From its history of assisting companies in the textile industry by supplying, installing, and servicing textile machinery, Zimmer America has grown to become an innovative machine manufacturer representative in a wide range of fields.

Zimmer prides itself on working with companies to find the best solutions to their equipment needs. From engineering to installation and repair to used machinery sales, Zimmer offers a full range of services to assist companies in reaching their goals in an efficient and cost effective manner. We also assist companies in entering the U.S. market with our market entry consulting services.

Zimmer America Divisions

Textile Printing and Finishing Machinery

Carpet Printing Machinery

Industrial Cleaning Machinery

Market Entry

Please follow the link below to see the Zimmer America profile listed on the South Carolina Secretary of State's web page.

Zimmer America profile with the SC Secretary of State